Mug Designs

(copyright Sam Hurt)


Currently available:


"Up All Night" (on cobalt blue mug. This color is hard to depict in a digital file like this. It is very dark, and reads as black until the light catches it just right, then it shows a very deep blue in the highlights.):

"Up All Night" mug


"Queenly Perseverance": (on black mug) (new)

Queen Mug


"Perilous Love": (on white mug) (new)

Heart Mug

"Dirty Dishes": (on white mug)

Dirty Dishes Mug


"Clean Dishes": (on white mug)

Clean Dishes mug


"Candle with Books" (on black mug):

Candle Books Mug


"See-Saw" (on white mug):

See Saw Mug


"Taco" (on cobalt blue mug):

Taco Mug


"List" (on white mug):

list mug



"Running Tree" (on white mug):

runninig tree