Sam Hurt

Sam Hurt lives and works in South Austin, Texas, where he creates award winning paintings, cartoons, illustrations and animation.

In 1979, while a student at The University of Texas Law School he created and self-syndicated the long running comic strip Eyebeam, described by New York's Village Voice as “the best comic strip you never heard of.” Eyebeam was a daily comic strip in the Austin American Statesman and other papers around the country. In 1990, Sam created the internationally syndicated Peaches, Queen of the Universe for United Feature Syndicate. Sam was a founding contributor to The Austin Chronicle with a strip called Planet Oid, and also created the strip Schnozzo the Giant Bat for the Chronicle. Eyebeam, which still runs 30 years later as a weekly strip has been collected and published in 7 trade paperback books and many comic book editions. He currently draws and writes the strip Root Causes for Edible Austin Magazine.

Since 2005, Sam has focused his efforts on painting, where he feels he's been able to continue to grow as an artist. A one-man show of paintings runs from May 7 to May 30, 2009 at The Continental Club Gallery in South Austin. Other recent shows of his paintings include Biblical Proportions at Blue Genie Art Industries, Hideout Shows, and the 2009 People's Gallery show in Austin's City Hall. His paintings, pen and ink drawings, and sculptures are an annual favorite at shows like the Armadillo and Blue Genie Christmas Bazaars. Sam also painted a 10' Gibson guitar sculpture which was displayed outside the Austin Children's Museum as part of the Austin GuitarTown project. His work is featured year-round in Avenue Gallery, 1510 1/2 S. Congress.

As an illustrator Sam's work can be seen in posters, periodical covers, books, album artwork and illustrations for The Austin American Statesman, The Austin Chronicle, and The Texas Observer. Sam also illustrated a story for satirist Harvey Pekar's American Splendor comic book series which was later anthologized in the Best of American Splendor. His much sought after illustrations for posters, albums, books or musical and theatrical acts include work for Brave Combo, The Cornell Hurd Band, The New York International Fringe Festival, The Therapy Sisters, Wammo, Speak and Misspent Youth to name a few.

Hurt's work as an animator has appeared in film festivals and been featured on PBS. He animated The Hokey Pokey music video for the Grammy Award winning band Brave Combo, and has created animations for performance art trio The Flaming Idiots, both for their touring shows and New York Victory Garden Theater production. Hurt and his Studio Eyebeam received a Telly Award for his animated AMN Couch Potato station ID.

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